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Last Lecture of "King of Bread" Picture Book Series Author Rika Eguchi Held on Oct. 9

The "2022 Kaohsiung Reading Festival" held an international lecture for two days in a row on Oct. 8 and 9, inviting the artistic director of Dentsu Group, Rika Eguchi, to the International Picture Book Center of Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) to share the difficulties and interesting stories of the publication of the famous picture book "The King of Bread" with the audience, and 70 groups of parents and children aged 5-10 were invited to attend the event.


After arriving in Taiwan, Rika Eguchi continued to record her daily life in Taiwan on social media, saying, "I've been working as a designer for a long time, and I was very moved to see the many "King of Bread"-related outputs that were decorated at the lecture venue thanks to KPL. 


The international lecture also brought cultural exchange. Rika Eguchi took the opportunity to visit Kaohsiung, the main exhibition venue of 2022 Taiwan Design Expo, to experience the ingenuity and charm of Taiwan's design on her first visit to Taiwan. Mr. Muramatsu, the editor-in-chief of the Japanese publishing house, Shogakukan Inc., also visited the Little House Bookstore, where he was introduced to many original Taiwanese picture books and bought the "The Elephant That Forgets" picture book and "HOME" by Lin Lian-en, which is currently on display at the original art exhibition. During the tour, Rika Eguchi saw "Secret in the Zoo" and " Will Arrive Anyway!", which were published under the " KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards " of KPL, and she said that Yi-Wen Huang and Chang Hsiao-chi 's pictures were wonderful and interesting. Through the physical lectures of the multinational lecturers visiting Taiwan, the most concrete international design and picture book exchanges were conducted, allowing the original cultural energy of Taiwan to be seen by the world.


Rika Eguchi also talked about the opportunity to move from design to picture books, and mentioned her viewpoint on design: a design that makes people happy is a good design! She also shared how she struck a balance between parenting and work, and read the Japanese version of the “King of Bread” series of picture books. She signed them on the spot, much to the surprise of the readers.



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