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Kaohsiung Public Library's Picture Books Awards Gather Creators and Publishing Industry: Picture Books Sprouting One- Day Tour

Kaohsiung Public Library's Picture Books Sprouting One Day Tour of brought together the Picture Books Sprouting Awards Ceremony, the publication matchmaking conference and the picture book market. As many as 11 well-known publishers nationwide participated in the event, and seasoned picture book creators and new talents exchanged ideas with each other. Meanwhile, Little House Bookstore introduced original Taiwanese picture books.


Kaohsiung Public Library organized the award competition and created the first "publication matchmaking conference", hoping to support creators and the publishing industry through the Picture Books Sprouting Awards, which attracted many publishers to come to understand the creative concepts of the three winners and discuss with them. The publishers all praised that the "Picture Books Sprouting Awards” stood out in the field of picture books in Taiwan, and through the matchmaking process, professional editors could help creators connect with the market smoothly and enhance the visibility of their works by means of the marketing channels of the publishing industry. They envied Kaohsiung for having such a passionate and professional library.


After the publishers submit the publication plan, the award winners will then decide on their future partners. During the period, Kaohsiung Public Library will continue to provide assistance to ensure that the winning works will be granted the opportunity to be published, and that the partner publishers will enjoy 100,000 dollars of book purchase subsidies with various promotional activities. The final result of the matchmaking was announced, and this year's winner, Chencorn (Chen Min-yu ), would have his book "If the Letter Is Delivered" published by Taiwan Interminds Publishing Inc.; Chen Jun-peng's "Mr. Wang in the Street" would be published by SiLoo Story; and Yu Wei-chun's "Forgetful Grandma Wanda" would be published by Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.

“The three winning works of the first Picture Books Sprouting Award s were all successfully published and were translated into foreign languages, selected for international awards and extended to book series. Now that the result of winning works of the second Picture Books Sprouting Awards had been released, the diversity of issues also guarantees their promising prospect,” said Lin Yi-cheng, Acting Director of Kaohsiung Public Library.


The one-day tour also allowed the winners to introduce their works at the picture book market, giving the creators and their works more opportunities for exposure. Publishers could explore new talent on the spot to discuss possible future collaboration. It was hoped that the Picture Books Sprouting Award could cultivate more picture book creators and enthusiasts and that more picture language and stories from Taiwan could be seen around the world in the future.


In 2023, the project will also include a series of picture book creation classes of nearly 60 hours. These classes will be based on "artistic quality" and "experimentation". Tang Tang (Tang Shou-nan), who is famous for his picture book works and has rich experience in cross-disciplinary art creation, will be invited to be the mentor with Tsui Yung-yen. For more details, please visit our website ( Facebook Fan Page.


Picture Books Sprouting One- Day Tour

The selected candidate, Dong Dong (Liu Wei-ting), brought his picture books and wonderful cultural and creative products.

The publication matchmaking conference

Picture Books Sprouting One- Day Tour

From left to right: Judge Huang Yu-chin, winner Cornchen, Director Lin Yi-cheng, winner Chen Jun-peng and You Wei-chun, and judge Shih Cheng-ting.

Picture Books Sprouting One- Day Tour

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