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Kaohsiung Weekend Literature Feast

Since the 2022 Kaohsiung Reading Festival was launched in September, some 1000 people have attended the brilliant series of lectures every weekend. The 2022 Taiwan Design Expo curatorial consultants Lee Ming-tsung and Yin Aaron held a dialogue on October 16 at Bleu & Book, attracting more than a hundred people to listen to their talks. They talked about the "design" elements of the entire city from the perspective of the development of Kaohsiung City, exploring different imaginations of Kaohsiung, and discovered corners of the city.

Lee Ming-tsung is a well-known sociologist and writer. He once produced and hosted the Public Television Service (PTS) program "I stayed in the markets all day." The program won three prizes at the 55th Golden Bell Awards. Lee Ming-tsung pointed out that in this era of consumption, "design" provides a perspective on how to enjoy a better life outside of work by raising public awareness of the consumption. And a city can find its own beauty only if it attaches importance to the local inheritance.

Yin Aaron, who loves design and regards curation and teaching as his missions, attempted to shatter the myth about the fate of the second largest city. For example, international film festivals have made Busan in South Korea and Cannes in France famous all over the world and different from their capitals Seoul and Paris. Milan, Italy is famous for its fashion design, which makes it far more famous than ancient Rome. Kaohsiung has got rid of the idea 20 years ago that it should follow Taipei and become the second largest city. Instead, it decided to embark on a road of urban design for Kaohsiung.

"Literature Cinema" makes literature not only exist on paper, but also establish a deeper connection with images. The documentary "I Remember" was directed by the novelist Lin Jun-ying. He has been the Kaohsiung writers', Chu Tien-wen and Chu Tien-hsin, friend for many years. From a close perspective, his camera presented the old Fengshan military dependents' village in Kaohsiung and these two writers' daily discussions on literature. This marked the writing history of the two generations of "The Chu family's Literature." The film was screened at Bleu & Book on October 16.

Kaohsiung Reading Festival was very successful and enjoyable. Chen Yao-chang and Chen Fang-ming reviewed the local history of Kaohsiung and the land where they grew up from a macro perspective. Jan Hung-tze shared different memories of tastes in this collection "Old Kitchen: Memories of Three Women" with Kaohsiung readers. In addition to the "Reading Salon," there were various types of lectures, such as the "Literary Breakfast Meeting" centered on food literature; the "Writer's Story Meeting" was held at the reading square on the 25th floor of Tai Urban Resort from 10/08. The poet Xu Pei-fen (Patmuffin), Taiwanese up-and-coming young Sheng Hao-wei, the winner of the million-dollar literature award Ling Yan, and the popular writer Shen Xin-hong all attended the talk and were very popular.

"Night" immersive experience was on the 5th floor of the main building. "Dream Library" from Puppet & Its Double Theater: Light, Shadow and Poetry Theater. Through the screen and light source, a movie-like light and shadow show let the audience freely explore the effect of exquisite light and shadow artistic creation with music. The public could immerse themselves in the special effects of magical light and shadow and feel the poetic beauty of the moment.

Puppet & Its Double Theater adheres to the creative concept of "nothing is not a puppet," and creates a new style of Taiwan's contemporary puppet theater as well as the transformation aesthetics of magical philosophy. The performances include glove puppets, marionettes (stringed puppets), rod puppets, table-top puppets, light and shadow theater, and actors and puppets together on stage. With various and rich exploration experiments and professional puppet making techniques, it has created a unique theater narrative technique. Its works have received several nominations for Taishin Arts Award.


Lee Ming-tsung and Yin Aaron held a dialogue on October 16 at Bleu & Book.


Lee Ming-tsung shared his thoughts on the "design" elements of the city. 


Lee Ming-tsung and Yin Aaron held a dialogue on October 16 at Bleu & Book.


Lee Ming-tsung and Yin Aaron held a dialogue on October 16 at Bleu & Book.


 "I Remember" was directed by the novelist Lin Jun-ying, and was shown at the "Literature Cinema". 


The winner of the million-dollar literature award Ling Yan was also invited to give a speech.


The popular writer Shen Xin-hong also attended the talk.


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