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Kaohsiung Public Library joins hands with the Construction and Planning Agency and Transportation Bureau to present two major themed book fairs on "Transportation"

The "Reading for a Better Transportation" project is a collaboration among Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior, Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, and Kaohsiung Public Library. Through mobile libraries, story dramas, English storytelling, walking tours, and popular science activities, the project conveys the spirit of human-oriented transportation. From now until June 4th, the exhibition will be held at International Picture Book Center of Kaohsiung Public Library, featuring two major themes: "Amazing Transportation Vehicles" and "Traffic Safety: Stop, Look and Listen." During this period, storytelling, workshops, and lectures will be arranged for children and parents to explore the world of transportation through images and languages.

Many young readers have shown a strong interest in picture books on various types of transportation. To respond to readers’ needs, International Picture Book Center of Kaohsiung Public Library with its largest collection in Taiwan, has specially selected books from the collection of 160,000 volumes and planned a series of activities. The "Amazing Transportation Vehicles" exhibition covers three topics: extraordinary transportation vehicles, the scenery in picture books, and transportation by sea, land, and air. Readers can read stories about transportation from different aspects and imagine themselves traveling on different vehicles.

As for the "Traffic Safety: Stop, Look and Listen" exhibition, the library selected the classic picture book "Make Way for Ducklings," which won the Caldecott Medal, and other 30 picture books to introduce stories with the elements such as human-centered transportation, road safety, and environmental education, allowing parents and children to receive transportation education with picture books and entertainment.

Lin Yi-cheng, acting director of the Kaohsiung Public Library, stated that the Construction and Planning Agency and the Transportation Bureau shares professional knowledge, and the library provides the abundant library resources and unlimited reading activities for the exhibitions. Through picture book images and stories from various countries, readers of all ages can experience the fun of transportation and reading, improve their awareness of transportation safety, and expand their imagination and thinking about a friendly transportation environment in the future.

On March 5th, a parent surnamed Zeng from Tainan brought his 4-year-old son to Kaohsiung, who loves transportation, to listen to Ms. Happy's Storytelling Time. They enjoyed The Ride and took The Orange Train just like the grandfather and grandson in the story. On March 12th, the author Chen Ying-fan, who wrote "123 Around Taiwan," will lead the "Scenery in Picture Books" workshop and help parents and children learn more about different types of transportation picture books in Taiwan and draw transportation vehicles together. On April 30th, the local picture book authors Lin Cookie and Liao Chien-hung will share their experience of leading students from Kaohsiung Municipal Heti Primary School to create "Kaohsiung City Transportation Little Experts." In May, Ms. Tiffy will tell the story "Make Way for Ducklings" in Chinese and English. The story is about how Daddy Duck and Mommy Duck bring their ducklings back to the park, and how everyone should "make way for ducklings." The readers who are interested in this story should not miss it.

Parent and children can read "The Hundred Decker Bus" in the book exhibition "Amazing Transportation Vehicles."


Children can read "123 Around Taiwan" in the book exhibition "Scenery in Picture Books."


The "Traffic Safety: Stop, Look and Listen" exhibition can give parents and children chances to enjoy a pleasant reading time through the book "Make Way for Ducklings."


Families enjoy Ms. Happy's storytelling time. 


Families enjoy Ms. Happy's storytelling time. 



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