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The 2023 Kaohsiung Reading Festival Launches with Food Literature Reading, Provoking Reading Taste Buds, Making Readers Enjoy Harbor from Afternoon to Night during the Weekend

The "2023 Kaohsiung Reading Festival" was officially launched on November 11th, and five consecutive food lectures were held at TAI Urban Resort and City Wind Books the weekend of the week before the event. During this time, well-known food literature writers Syu Jhong (徐仲), Chen Jing-yi (陳靜宜), Fong Jhong-tian (馮忠恬), Jiao Tong (焦桐), Ling Yan (凌煙), and others were invited to share food literature. In addition, Sie Wun-sian (謝文憲), who has rich life experiences and tried several careers, and Li Sih-duan (李四端), a senior Taiwanese journalist, also shared at the Kaohsiung Public Library Main Library for the "2023 Kaohsiung Reading Festival" warm-up session. All the public citizens are welcome to sign up for their favorite activities

Wang, Wen-Tsui (王文翠), Director of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs and Chairman of the Board of Directors of KPL, said that modern people live a busy lifestyle, and through the reading of food literature, they can get warmth and strength to heal their hearts. The 2023 Kaohsiung Reading Festival is a splendid, diverse, and rich event, with several well-known writers and creators from various fields, and up to 100 quality lectures. A week before the official opening of the event, a warm-up session with food literature to draw people close was held in hopes that people could see reading as an activity as natural as eating. In addition to planning the lectures, the 2023 Kaohsiung Reading Festival also cooperates with Phalanity (方陣聯合科技), a Taiwanese Company, to apply science and technology to create immersive experience activities and use digital decorations to set up a technology art gallery for reading.

Acting Director of KPL, Lin Yi-Cheng (林奕成), said that food literature is very close to the lives of ordinary people; modern people like to enjoy food and connect with those around them with food. Food literature has never been absent from the pen of literary creators, and the warm words between the lines have been transformed into delicacies, conveying much healing power to readers. From November 11th to November 28th, celebrity writers would give lectures between Friday and Sunday, including Syu Jhong, Chen Jing-yi, Fong Jhong-tian, Jiao Tong, and Ling Yan. In addition to sharing the latest books created by writers, the 2023 Kaohsiung Reading Festival and publishing houses that sponsor this great event would take the public to explore the beauty of a soul-calming experience in reading.

Jiao Tong, aka the "Godfather of Taiwanese Food Literature,” is a writer and gourmand. His latest published collection of food essays, Slow Fooding (慢食天下), systematically describes all aspects of food and puts forward the food philosophy of "eat slowly" with humorous and profound words. Slow Fooding has just been published. On the weekend, Jiao Tong shared his thoughts from Bao Shi Jiang Hu (Gluttony, 暴食江湖) to Slow Fooding. He said that no matter what literary forms he or Taiwanese food literature has tried, he is happy and open to seeing more possibilities. This view was exemplified with prose or story-based recipes such as Breakfast for My Missy (為小情人做早餐) or even a modern poetry collection, Wancyuan Jhuangyang Shipu (Complete Aphrodisiac Recipe, 完全壯陽食譜) which was written in the form of recipes.

Sie Wun-sian, aka "Brother Sian," has been a real estate agent, human resource personnel, corporate lecturer, and columnist. He has also opened restaurants, and filmed movies and TV shows. Brother Sian experienced a rich and diverse lifestyle in the first half of his life, making him a famous figure in the industry. On the 4th, with the title of "Farewell to the Underestimated Kaohsiung,” he shared with the Kaohsiung locals five life values, including life being underestimated, values of enthusiasm, strategies of being courageous in trying, weakness meets bravery, and when dreams meet missions. Brother Sian’s humorous yet cut to the core of the problem style has attracted thunderous applause from the audience. Through sharing his days as a student and his career stories, he also unveiled the secret to the success of his wishes: the key is to act.

Li Sih-duan, a senior media person who published two new books in October 2023, also appeared at the event on November 5th, 2023. His talk was entitled, "In Front of the Stage and Behind the Scenes. This is Life: Li Sih-duan's new book sharing of Zuo Siangsin Deshi (Do What You Believe, 做相信的事) and Zuo Jianchih Deren (Be a Persistent Man, 做堅持的人).” In the talk, Li shared that this book renders the profound life experience of each character with the main theme of "being a persistent person." Li Sih-duan made special use of each of their life perception, positive outlook, personality, and mentality that insist on being a person with integrity, conveying warmth and positive power to the audience. The 2023 Kaohsiung Reading Festival has up to 100 quality lectures now open for registration, and the public is welcome to choose their favorite sessions and seize the time to register online. Feel free to visit the official website of the Kaohsiung Reading Festival for more details.

The warm-up event of the "2023 Kaohsiung Reading Festival" launches a lecture on classic food literature in the week leading up to the opening of the Book Fair.

The "2023 Kaohsiung Reading Festival" opened on November 11th, and the public was welcome to seize the time to register for their favorite events.


The "2023 Kaohsiung Reading Festival" officially opened on November 11th, and five consecutive harbor city food lectures were held at TAI Urban Resort and City Wind Books the weekend before the event. During the period, the well-known food literature writer Jiao Tong (third from the left) was specially invited to share about food literature.

Sie Wun-sian (middle), who has experienced various situations in life and tried several professions, shared with the people of Kaohsiung his under-estimated life and values of enthusiasm in the talk entitled “Farewell to the Underestimated Kaohsiung.”





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