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2019 World Book & Copyright Day – Kaohsiung Public Library Promotes Reading Among Seniors
Campaign Poster
Campaign Poster
Kaohsiung Public Library to Promote Reading Among Seniors
Kaohsiung Public Library to Promote Reading Among Seniors

「When my hairs are gray, when I can’t hear or see well, can I still enjoy reading?」Aging society has become an important and inevitable issue for Taiwan. Elderly readers are often forced to give up reading due to degeneration of their body functions. To offer better service to our elderly readers, Kaohsiung Public Library is organizing a non-traditional reading campaign in conjunction with Ministry of Culture. The goal is to guide elderly readers through a series of activities such as visiting a locale or operating an item to obtain knowledge rather than solely from books. Such activities allow elderly readers to enjoy the fun of reading without flipping through pages!  


This campaign for elderly readers will take place from April 20 to May 5, and all libraries will organize book exhibit and reading promotion activities with three major themes of “Must Read BOOK”, “Must Do BOOK”, and “Must Go BOOK”. There will be 50 or more activities for this campaign including 9 deep travel itineraries with recommended books to introduce past memories of Kaohsiung. 


“Must Read BOOK” refers to themed book exhibit for elderly readers at Main Library and participating branch libraries.  The goal is to recommend books that elderly readers are interested in, such as spiritual care, health and diet, palliative care education, financial management etc. The book exhibit offers more choice to our elderly readers, and enable readers of all age groups to understand more about life after retirement.


“Must Do BOOK” offers non-lecture experience courses to establish reading habit for elderly readers. Courses range from group creation, yoga, technology usage, tea tasting, to handicrafts.  For example, Baozhu Branch Library will offer a course on French dried rose to teach floral design to elderly readers and improve their eye-hand coordination and aesthetic sense. Ciaotou Branch Library will offer a course on handcrafted soap using brown sugar, Chinese medicine, and herbs. Elderly readers will need to rely on their sense of smell and touch, which can rejuvenate their brain and trigger their interst in healthcare. Linyuan Branch Library will invite elderly readers to recount their childhood memories of operating an ox cart in a farming village and recreate the beauty of Tantou Community in the past. Over 50 activities have been planned for this campaign with a wide range of topics. Elderly readers are encouraged to use their hands and brain to interact with one another and generate social participation.


“Must Go BOOK” refers to 9 deep travel itineraries organized by branch libraries. From Northern to Southern Kaohsiung, itineraries include Zuoying Old City, Yancheng Old Streets, and Taiwan Military Dependents’ Village Cultural Park etc. Kaohsiung Public Library has invited historians, craftsmen, artists, doctors to serve as tour guides and enable elderly readers to understand their hometown more.   


Reading is an indispensable investment of one’s life. Many scientific research show that reading will revitalize our brain. Therefore, reading can effectively delay onset of dementia and incapacitation. Kaohsiung Public Library endeavors to promote reading among senior citizens. Our goal is to offer a different form of “reading” other than just books to our elderly readers, which allows them to obtain knowledge differently. Through this campaign to promote World Book & Copyright Day, we hope to offer readers of different age groups a variety of “reading” styles. For more information, please see the official homepage of Kaohsiung Public Library.

  • Book exhibits, handicraft lessons, travel itineraries are part of this campaign
    Book exhibits, handicraft lessons, travel itineraries are part of this campaign
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