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★Sinsing Branch Library ★ Understanding South East Asia – Experience Vietnamese Culture

Xin chào
Remember few months ago, the Sinsing Branch Library hosted a book exhibit on Vietnamese culture?

No? That is OK!
We are taking one step further.

Here is a chance to experiment Vietnamese culture first-hand!


Introduce Vietnamese culture and children’s games in Vietnam. A DIY Vietnamese food session will be available and participants will be able to try on the Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dress).
➡Lecturer:Ding Yu-lan
➡Time: 09:30-11:30
➡Location:Sinsing Branch Library Data Room for the Visually-Impaired Individuals
➡Entry Limit:10 groups per session

For more information or to register, please call ☎07-2372563☎

Event Poster

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