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[NOTICE] Winners announced for the First KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards!

Winners announced for the First KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards!


          Kaohsiung Public Library stopped receiving entries for the first KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards on February 14, 2020. A total of 94 excellent and original entries were competing for 3 prizes. Each winner would receive a subsidy of 200,000NT for creating a work and up to 100,000NT for assistance in publication. 


          Depending on one’s experience in picture book publication, the KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards offer two different categories – veteran and novice. Entries need to be screened twice. In the initial screening, judges will select 20 out of 94 entries for a final screening. The initial screening will focus on areas such as creativity, theme and concept, imagery representation, and potential for publication. In the final screening, judges will pick the top three entries out of the 20 entries that passed the initial screening.

          Below is the list of winners for the first KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards (1 winner from the veteran category, and 2 winners from the novice category):


*Veteran Category

WinnerZhang Xiu-yu

Entry Title:I want to play mud with grandpa

This entry has a complete structure of words and pictures and each page is clearly divided. A clear plot can also be observed from the draft version. The story, which focuses on local culture and life, is easy to understand. Pictures are drawn vividly and the relationship between story and illustrations is well documented. Overall, the entry has very good potential for future publication.


*Novice Category

WinnerHuang Hui-wen

Entry TitleZoo is scary!

This entry offers a new idea and discusses the idea of how children can observe something in greater detail than adults. The story contains many different layers of plot. Pictures possess great potential and a unique personal style featuring vertical page-flipping makes the illustrations and reading flow fun. The winner has good potential in the future and its work will garner interests from the public for sure.


*Novice Award

WinnerZhang Xiao-qi

Entry TitleWe will get there anyway!

Both the story and illustrations demonstrate free and unbound childhood fun, and the work stands out as a true child picture book. The humble style of illustration matches the story very well. The work offers a new style of creation among Taiwanese picture books with bright potential for the illustrator.


【Screening Judges】

  • Initial Screening

Chen Yu-jin / Cui Yong-yan / Liao Jian-hong / Lan Jian-hong / Tan Shu-juan


  • Final Screening

He Xiang-ru / Shi Zheng-ting / Xu Su-xia / Chen Zhi-yuan / Zhou Jun-sheng


  The KPL Picture Books Sprouting Awards is set up to encourage and cultivate local Taiwanese talents who possess potential and creativity. The award does not pre-select a theme to give illustrators more freedom to explore different genres and styles. KPL hopes the subsidy will trigger the growth of the picture book industry. This year's judges focus on criteria such as diversification of styles and theme, hoping to encourage illustrators to tell the story they want to tell the most, using a style they are good at.


          Congratulations to all the winners and we hope all applicants will continue to nourish their creativity and create interesting picture books in the future. 

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