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[NEWS] KPL Broadens Horizons of Child from Single-Parent Family and Functions as His Second Home!

KPL Broadens Horizons of Child from Single-Parent Family and Functions as His Second Home!


Li, Yu-Hang, a sixth-grader at Aicuyn Primary School, lies on his stomach when he reads books. He is from a single-parent family with his mother raising him. He likes reading, so he often goes to the library in the morning, stays until the afternoon, and goes home with a bag full of books.

Although Li loves reading, he can only repeatedly read the same books at home due to the economic status of his family. When he was a second-grader, he borrowed three books from a mobile circulation book car. He thought they were gifts from the library, and not until he was notified that the books were overdue did he realize he had to return borrowed books. His mother took him to return the books to the main library. He found that the large collection of books allowed him to gain knowledge outside of the classroom. With information about retrieval requests and facilities from the helpful librarians, he gradually took a liking to this place. For a book lover like Li, the library is a new continent to be explored. Every floor represents different surprises waiting to be discovered. Now, in addition to the International Picture Book Center on B1 he frequents, he often borrows a computer to write his homework and play audio-visual materials on the 4th floor since he does not have a computer of his own. Moreover, he also borrows books on the 6th and 7th floor to learn how to cook with the microwave oven or develop basic skills because his mother is often out at work.

He is most interested in science, and his mother joked about her "missing eggs" at home. It turned out Li read a story about young Thomas Edison and his attempt to hatch eggs and decided to experiment with the eggs in the refrigerator. Li's mother once went to the hospital for an X-ray with his company. In the clinic room, he shared some medical knowledge he just read from books with the doctor and received compliments. Actually, he is capable of telling the differences between viruses and germs with assurance now! Besides science, Li is also interest in literature and history. He has read "All Men Are Brothers" and "Journey to the West" by now.

Li's mother is truly dedicated to Li. Although she is occupied with work, she cares about his needs. Instead of letting him indulged in video games, she allows Li to go to the library after school. The care from the librarians also makes the library the second home to him. More often than not, Li shares funny incidents between him and his mother. At home, he is more than happy to tell his mother what he just learns from the books in the library.






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