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[NEWS]Second Generation of Mobile Book Cars with Childlike Qualities to Help Distribute Reading Resources


Second Generation of Mobile Book Cars with Childlike Qualities to Help Distribute Reading Resources

The old mobile circulation book cars still need to be replaced in the face of the pandemic. The business community has shown its generosity with donated cars from Wah Lee Industrial Corp. and Mr. and Mrs. Chen, Chien-tung starting operation. The second generation of mobile circulation book cars carry the mission of equal distribution of reading resources. With the colorful patterns and childlike qualities, they have become valuable treasures for young children.

On the donation site, three experienced storytellers/mothers performed a piece of seaweed dance with rap and showed the all-around function of the library.

The second generation of circulation book cars advances the first generation with a bigger size and customized features. The paint on the cars and the slogan combine the spirit and culture of social enterprises. It also represents the childhood memory of the sponsors. The starry sky is used as the backdrop on the car donated by Wah Lee Industrial Corp., which fully demonstrates the enterprise spirit of "facilitating technology development with advanced materials" and "reaching to the whole world with the base in Asia." The book car with the donor's name "Chen, Tien-mao" attracts attention with the scene of reading and picnicking. Groups of children in twos and threes lie or sit on the grass, reading or eating snacks without care. Even the animals are observing them with curiosity.

Ray Chang, the founder of Wah Lee Industrial Corp., has always been devoted to charity events and arts and cultural activities. When the main library was completed and started service, the company sponsored the construction of the library. Hence, the multifunctional conference hall was given the name“Wah Lee.” As soon as Mr. Chang was informed of the replacement project, he donated a car without hesitation in order to narrow the urban-rural gap.

Chen, Tien-mao, a legendary political figure in Kaohsiung, served as council speaker. He was elegant and well-respected. His eldest son, Chen Chien-tung often recalls his open-mindedness and his passion for classical music and reading. During his term as council speaker for more than thirty years, he supported the construction of arts and cultural facilities. He believed that the library could function as the source of all sorts of knowledge and become the foundation of the culture of a city. Mr. and Mrs. Chen, Chien-tung, therefore, decided to donate a mobile book car in the name of Chen, Tien-mao to distribute the power of reading among the elementary and secondary schools in rural Kaohsiung.

Director Cheng-Yi Pan pointed out that he felt grateful for the support from various private enterprises. He said the replacement of mobile book cars would not be possible without their generosity. He believed the love and positive energy would continue to bring about fruitful results.




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