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[NEWS] “Animal Forest Library” – The Second AR Children Interactive Game at KPL is Now Open for Free!

          Last September, “Protect the Ocean and Environment”, the first AR interactive game developed by Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) for parents and children was highly received by our visitors. This June, KPL released a second game titled “Animal Forest Library” featuring 10 cute forest animals designed by local illustrator Chen Hung-yu. Children can work together and create their own forest library, which is available at the Main Library Picture Book Center now. 

         KPL released the first AR interactive game "Protect the Ocean and Environment!" for parents and children in September 2019. The game took advantage of AR technology and allowed children to create their original 3D fishes by drawing them on a piece of paper and scanning them with a cellphone. The fishes are projected onto a large TV wall, which can be controlled and interacted freely by users. In just 4 short months, 2000 visitors took part in the experience. KPL even brought the game to the “Taiwan Reading Festival” at Daan Forest Park in Taipei and 400 record-breaking visitors participated in the experience. With such a high public interest in AR/VR experience, KPL decided to create another AR interactive game for children age 3-7 titled “Animal Forest Library”.   

          “Animal Forest Library” emphasizes on creativity. KPL invited local illustrator Chen Hung-yu to design 10 unique forest animals such as cute sheep, fluffy lion, dorky bear, hip hop tiger, owl the village master, and raccoon the thief. This new game resembles the one from last year, where children are asked to color their favorite character and scan it using a cellphone to generate lively dance performances by a 3D animal. Children can also take a picture with the animals they colored and these animals can display various emotions such as happiness, sadness, and anger, etc. Lastly, children will have the opportunity to project their original animal on the large viewing screen. 

          Children get to control the animals they designed and work together to build a library. In the story, animals will encounter various tasks such as cutting trees, extinguishing a fire, or catching a thief. Only by completing all tasks will they be able to build a beautiful library. Compared to making fishes swim freely in the ocean in the previous game, “Animal Forest Library” added more fun and playful interactive elements. For instance, through this experience, we want children to know that a picture book can be displayed on various platforms instead of being just a picture book. It is an excellent opportunity for children and parents to experience this digital technology together. The gaming experience is available every Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Please register using the official website of KPL.  

          Students of Lingjhou Elementary School who took part in the first game last year found it difficult to put down their cellphones. Many teachers also enjoyed the experience with their students, and those who live next to the Main Library came back to the Picture Book Center repeatedly every weekend to participate in the experience. 

          Although KPL has already released two original AR interactive games, our team continues to push forward new ideas and projects. Our next project in-the-making will be a collaboration project using AR code technology with the Bologna Ragazzi Award-winning illustrator Sun Hsin-yu. This project, titled “The Adventure of Xiaomi”, will surely bring more spotlights to the digital content offered by KPL.

New AR game by KPL “Animal Forest Library” to accept registration


Children can color their favorite animals and interactive with them

New AR game “Animal Forest Library” is loved by children


Children enjoying the AR gaming experience


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