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[NEWS] Pickup Stations of KPL Began Services on July 13th

The Main Library and all branch libraries of Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) have set up temporary pickup stations that meet all requirements for epidemic prevention for patrons to pick up reserved books. The services started from noon on July 13th. Patrons who have reserved books from May 18th to the end of June can pick up their books at these stations. Library staff has gone through several drills in advance; hence, on the first day when the service became available, everything ran smoothly.


On the first day when restrictions were partially lifted, Director-general Wen-Tsui Wang of the Cultural Affairs Bureau visited KPL to check the situation. Director-general Wang stressed the importance for the staff to take all necessary measures, including regular disinfection, personnel protection equipment, social distancing and so on. Acting Director Yi-Cheng Lin also reminded the general public, to avoid gathering, each family should designate one person to pick up the books. Also, patrons should arrive at the appointed time to minimize the waiting time. At present, the level 3 restrictions are only partially lifted, so patrons still need to follow relevant rules to ensure that the pickup stations are convenient and safe for everyone.


By the end of June, a total of 13,346 patrons have reserved over 27,000 books from KPL online. On July 13th, a total of 1,569 people have reserved 8,007 books online. In the Main Library alone, 96 people have reserved 410 books. On weekdays, the pickup stations will open from noon to 7 pm to provide services to 120 people per station. People can pick up their books during lunch breaks or after work. On the weekends, the pickup stations will open from 10 am to 5 pm to serve up to 140 people. In other words, up to 760 people can pick up their books every week, so it is expected that all books reserved before the end of June can be picked up within the first week and people can start to pick up books they have reserved in July.


The Main Library and all branch libraries have set up 50 temporary pick up stations. Library staff will use telephone to inform patrons to pick up their reserved books. Services are provided in specific time slots. Each time slot is about half an hour and each time slot can only serve up to 10 people. KPL reminds patrons to bring their cell phone to scan QR code for real-name registration. Only those who have reserved books can pick up their books.


Some branch libraries cannot set up temporary pickup stations for various reasons, but branch libraries with higher demands will increase the number of staff to serve more people. At present, Baoju Branch, Lingya Branch, and Cueiping Branch have no pickup stations. For details, please visit the official website of KPL.


Readers have to scan QR code for real-time registration at the pickup stations.


Temporary pickup stations of KPL began to provide services.


Patrons picking up their books at the appointed time. Everything ran smoothly. 

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