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[NEWS] KPL Collaborated with Kaohsiung Taxi Delivery Service to Deliver Book Boxes

When the level 3 epidemic alert was issued and people were advised to stay at home, many people really hoped to have access to more books. Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) thus provided "Books in a Bag" delivery service. Now, KPL has collaborated with Kaohsiung Taxi Delivery Service to deliver the books to readers. This way, we could shorten the delivery time needed and reduce the burden to the post office.


"Books in a Bag" activity has been very popular. Many readers have rushed online on Saturday at noon to submit their applications. By the fourth week, nearly 2000 people have applied online for the 300 book boxes. The number of visitors accessing the official website at the peak time was 18 times higher than the regular hours.


To deliver such a huge amount of book boxes, librarians at KPL need to go through the applications, select the books, disinfect the books, place the books in the boxes, confirm contact information, and contact the applicants, which is a lot of work. At the same time, it has not been easy for the postal service to deliver 300 boxes per week. Hence, for readers who live close to the Main Library, KPL has come up with a good idea. KPL has collaborated with Kaohsiung Taxi Delivery to deliver the books. On the one hand, this could reduce the burden to the postman; on the other hand, this could help taxi drivers who face difficulty during the pandemic.


Kaohsiung Taxi Delivery Service does more than just helping the library deliver books. During the stay-at-home period when people avoid going out, taxi drivers have helped to take senior citizens and pregnant women to vaccination sites, deliver fresh produce and take-out foods. KPL is happy to see a positive cycle when taxi drivers, libraries, post offices and readers can support each other during the pandemic.


KPL collaborated with Kaohsiung Taxi Delivery Service to deliver book boxes.


Librarians and taxi driver check the readers' addresses before delivery.

Updated2021-08-11 PM 05:22:00