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[NEWS] School Children are transformed into little magicians and explore the Main Library at night!

The event of “Night Stay at the Main Library” resumed from August 7 to August 8 at Kaohsiung Public Library (KPL) this year. In addition to the classic itinerary of a drama show based on renowned picture books and a night tour of the library, school children could also explore the mystery of the Main Library after dark. The number of applicants for this year's event was record-high 200, and 52 students were selected by drawing lots to participate in the event.


The International Picture Book Center of KPL boasts a rich collection of picture books, and professional performance teachers from Kaohsiung's local theater group “Happy Bird Story Theatre” led the students to use their reading imagination and artistic sensibility through theater creation. The students played the important roles of “magicians who create surprises” in the 27-hour reading theater. Through reading and discussion, they explored all the corners of the Main Library to find clues, and there were also “nightwalking ghosts” to make trouble along the way, which was full of surprises and laughter.


“This year’s Night Stay event coincided with 2022 Creative Expo Taiwan in Kaohsiung, KPL has added cultural creativity to the Night Stay event, such as the introduction of theatrical experiences, and children's plays through text reading. The spirit of cultural and creative activities was instilled into the art education of elementary school children. On Father’s Day, KPL held an achievement demonstration so that parents could enjoy the beauty of Kaohsiung’s creative designs during the day and their children’s endless creativity and imagination demonstrated during the 2-day event in the evening. These moments converged into the most precious reading memories,” said Acting Director Yi-Cheng Lin of KPL.


KPL's summer season is filled with diverse, multilingual and multifaceted activities for readers to choose from. On August 24 (Wed) and August 27 (Sat), the Cultural Center Branch will hold a performing arts workshop, “Enjoying Performing Arts”, and on August 16 (Tue) and August 17(Wed), there will be a two-day "Summer Youth Science Camp" at Lee Ko-Yung Memorial Branch, which will explore “Science on the Ocean”.


In the afternoon of August 21 (Sun) at the Main Library, there will be an “English Power Seminar - Sustainable Living Revealed”, in which the company “Daidai Sustainable Design” will be invited to share issues related to sustainable living and sustainable development in both Chinese and English. Their focus will be on the SDGs. On August 24(Wed), there will be an “Information Literacy Workshop - Science Reading Thinking Power” to solve the problems of young people in information technology; and the English summer learning camp “Hunger Games 1” English novel guided reading session will be online from August 27 (Sat) to August28 (Sun) for readers to join.


In the event of “Night Stay at the Main Library”, the nightwalking ghosts led children to explore the library at night


Night adventure at the library


Through reading, performing and reading, school children could experience the best immersive reading environment


Achievement demonstration


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